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If you're looking for affordable refrigeration services in New Zealand, you've come to the right place. We guarantee you'll be chuffed with the quality of products and great all around service offered by the team at EPS Panel Systems NZ Ltd. Family owned and operated, we specialise in the construction of expanded polystyrene panel products, from portable chillers/freezers to walk-in chillers/freezers to warehouses. Not only that but we also provide maintenance and hire services.


Innovation is at the forefront of what EPS Panel Systems NZ Ltd is about. Having operated in New Zealand for years now, we're always looking for ways to improve the functionality of our expanded polystyrene products to ensure your satisfaction. You're sure to be impressed by our cutting edge designs, so contact us and get your project started today!

Our clients

One of the great things about EPS Panel Systems NZ Ltd, is that we will take on any job of any size. This means that our client base spans from large commercial companies looking to subcontract work to a small business owner looking for their own chillers. The products we provide have such a vast amount of uses and functions, so our target market is vast. So if you're in the market for expanded polystyrene products in New Zealand, no matter whom you are, chances are we can help. Call us now.


You don't stay successful in the industry for as long as we have without having a loyal client base, and we appreciate the support we've received over the years. We pride ourselves on the strong reputation we've established, and aim to continue providing New Zealand with high quality expanded polystyrene and refrigeration products for years to come.

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